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marinashutup on feminism

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? (x)

3:50am July 25, 2014

You care so much you feel as though you will  b l e e d  to death with the pain of it.

3:22am July 25, 2014
2:53am July 25, 2014
That man has spent every day of his life believing that there is actually some sort of higher plan. That’s the problem with humans—they just sit around, hoping that someone will fix things. But no one will. No one cares. The universe is infinite and chaotic and cold. And there has never been a plan. At least not till now.
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get to know me meme | favourite actresses [1/5]
↳ angelina jolie

"I wasn’t very proud of who I was. Not that I was a bad person—I just didn’t wake up with a sense of purpose and being useful, and I didn’t know what I was fighting for and believing. Certainly when I discovered these things about the world, I found that I really deeply connected to these issues [about refugees], and sure that I would be focusing on these issues forever, until the day I die. I dream about seeing things change for the better—now. I used to dream things more for myself, and now I dream for others. And it’s a better way to dream." [x]

1:26am July 25, 2014

“Here we are; a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out.”

— Walder Frey, A Clash of Kings
12:58am July 25, 2014
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“I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I think about it every day. Your body is not a specific size. Your body is not a type. Your body is not ugly. Your body is not out of shape. Your body doesn’t define you. Your body is perfect. Your body is your body regardless of what you and others think of it. Your body is mine to hold and mine to kiss. Your body is my favorite; it encases your beautiful heart that I love the most.”

— Your body is my favorite. - (via hereshestands)
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"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? - marinashutup

I’ve been getting a lot of really shitty anti-feminist comments on this video in the past few hours and even though I’ve deleted a ton, every time I check there’s like twenty more. So if you could share this and try and cancel out those comments that would be great!
5:35pm July 24, 2014

“Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference.”

— Unique Quietness (via uniquequietness)
5:34pm July 24, 2014
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